Racial Differences Are Real But No Cause For Discrimination

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“New analyses of the human genome establish that human evolution has been recent, copious and regional,” writes Nicholas Wade in his recently published book, “A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History.”

That sounds reasonable; and Wade, a science reporter and editor for many years at Nature and the New York Times, seems an unimpeachable source. But many well-meaning people will regard his words as provocative and even dangerous.

For they fatally undermine the idea, widely shared by so-called progressives, that any apparent differences between groups of people are the product of nurture rather than nature, of social conditioning rather than Darwinian natural selection.

This has become dogma among certain social scientists. The American Anthropological Association states that race “is a recent human invention” and “is about culture, not biology.” The American Sociological Association calls race “a social construct” and decries “the danger of contributing to the popular conception of race as biological.”

Unfortunately for these folks, the decoding of the human genome in 2003 has led to research showing significant genetic differences among people descended from Africans, East Asians, and Caucasians.

Those differences must have arisen from natural selection in the different environments they occupied from the time the first humans left east Africa some 50,000 years ago.

They include not only skin pigment and facial physiognomy but many other physical characteristics, including genes that resist endemic diseases and (in Tibetans, developed only 3,000 years ago) the ability to live at very high altitudes.

Many of the progressives who reject the notion that races differ in significant respects are the same people who accuse those skeptical of global warming of ignoring science, even though the alarmists’ warming models don’t match the recent past or the present.

But at the same time, they refuse to credit the much more soundly based science that Wade cites in detail.

These genomic-science skeptics fear that acknowledging differences between races will encourage people generally, and Americans in particular, to engage in racial discrimination.

That fear has some basis in history, as Wade concedes. But, as he argues, it has no relevance to life in America today.

Americans today are entirely capable of understanding that there is more difference within racial groups than between racial groups. This is a lesson they pick up from their families, at school, at work, and in everyday life.

They know that some members of a racially or ethnically defined group that on average scores low on IQ tests will score far above average. They know that some members of a group that scores high on such tests will score far below average.

From that observation, ordinary Americans readily conclude that it is irrational to discriminate according to race or ethnicity or religion and that it is rational to judge individuals on their own merits.

Proof of this comes from our last two presidential elections. Most Americans know or can readily guess that blacks on average score below whites (and further below Asians) on intelligence tests.

But they also know — even his most vociferous critics don’t deny this — that President Barack Obama, like all recent presidents and serious presidential candidates, is well above average in intelligence. They would not have elected him president twice if they thought otherwise.

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Eric Holder Just Sued Another State, And The Reason Why Will Blow Your Mind

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While states across the nation are looking for ways to combat rampant reports of voter fraud, North Carolina decided to implement some commonsense regulations requiring individuals to present identification prior to casting a ballot.

Included in the new law is a reduction in the allotted period of early voting to 10 days and the elimination of same-day voter registration.

Although the requirements apply to all North Carolinians equally, a number of race-obsessed activists – including Attorney General Eric Holder – contend that the law is somehow discriminatory.

“The state legislature took extremely aggressive steps to curtail the voting rights of African-Americans,” Holder said late last year.

His comments came as he announced the Justice Department’s latest lawsuit against a U.S. state.

“This is an intentional step to break a system that was working,” he alleged; “and it defies common sense.”

This administration, it seems, not only believes a system that allows – if not encourages – fraud is perfectly functional, but cannot fathom why a state would be interested in combating such misbehavior.

A clear majority of states have laws on the books with similar requirements, many of which have faced accusations of racism despite the fact that residents of all ethnicities must provide an ID to vote.

Several attorneys, representing the DOJ, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and the League of Women Voters, showed up in Winston-Salem Monday to demand a preliminary injunction regarding certain aspects of the law.

NAACP President Rev. William Barber called the law “a full assault on the franchise of voting,” while Irving Joyner, a lawyer representing the organization, made it clear where his client’s loyalties lie.

“Our focus is on the turnout of African-Americans,” he said, disregarding empirical evidence showing the new law has had no impact on poll traffic.

As Republican Sen. Bob Rucho explained, reports show that there was no drop in voting during the primary season, adding the law was designed to be fair to everyone. Its requirements, he noted, were implemented over time to allow all voters to comply.

“There was no voter suppression,” he concluded. “Actually, we had some good turnouts for a primary election.”

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If Russia Goes Through With This Plan, America Is In For A Serious World Of Hurt

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Are America’s adversaries lining up to destroy the US Dollar?

The concept of asymmetric warfare is as old as warfare itself. The basic idea is that when you have a conflict between two entities of significant disparity in military power, the weaker player will attempt to exploit the weaknesses of the stronger entity, even if they aren’t of a military nature.

Today, we’re seeing asymmetric warfare play out by the book in Russia. As recently as last week, Putin advisor Sergey Glazyev stated the need for an anti-dollar alliance to counter perceived American aggression around the globe.

It is no secret that the United States is still the premier military superpower in the world. However, she is not without significant weaknesses; and the value of the USD is one of them.

As America continues its deficit spending, the world is now wondering whether the United States has the will or the economic capability to pay off the close-to twenty trillion dollars she owes in sovereign debt. America has no economic cushion to sustain further costly international military adventures around the world. What better way for others to damage our warfighting capability than to make it harder to finance these global conflicts by damaging the status and value of the United States dollar itself?

The weakening of the USD could cause inflation to spike domestically and ensure our leaders focus on the economy rather than sanctions or other measures against our Russian friends. You can be sure that other players on the geopolitical chessboard are watching what is going on as well. As the Islamic State of Iraq in Syria (ISIS) slowly creates a pan-Middle Eastern Islamic caliphate in front of our eyes, we should be clear that it is the absence of American power and strength that is allowing this to happen.

It is not just foreign adversaries that are seeing the danger in the future. The markets are starting to price in this risk as well. Vince Miller, Senior Market Strategist at Birch Gold Group, had this to say: “As we see more evidence of rising inflation with each passing day, the bond markets are starting to demand a risk premium. And with CNBC recently citing rumblings among many Wall Street analysts that Fed Chair Janet Yellen may only make it through a two-year tenure, we have to ask: Are the markets already losing confidence in her?” If we as a country do not deal with the issue of our overwhelming sovereign debt, the bond market vigilantes will do it for us. Along with inflation, interest rates will spike; and the economic damage across all sections of the U.S. economy will be severe.

But let’s take the concept of an anti-USD alliance even further. Sergey Glazyev stated that Western Europe should want to be part of this alliance as well, as sanctions on Russia will harm other European economies. This statement is obviously self-serving for Russia and not realistic.

Europeans are well aware of the aggressive tendencies of their Russian neighbors and have long memories of the Iron Curtain. However, what if Russia teamed up with China, Iran, and the new Islamic state being formed in the Middle East to try and remove the dollar as a vehicle for trade settlement and as a store of value, basically pulling the reserve currency bid floor out from under the dollar?

There are some who believe the Obama administration is purposefully weakening the dollar through spending and printing money, in order to restrict American power around the world and at the same time provide trillions in excess cash to redistribute wealth as they see fit. Birch Gold’s Vince Miller adds, “Because our nation is so desperate for new sources of cash, some believe the government will reach directly into their personal accounts and confiscate their wealth. But even if they never literally do that, here’s the reality: They’re already accessing savings accounts in a much more subtle fashion; and that’s by devaluing the money we have by printing more of it.” No matter what the agenda of this administration, it is the end result that matters. The future does not look pretty.

There are an array of forces lined up against the U.S. dollar, foreign and domestic. It is highly likely that over the next few years, there will be an alliance of nations that develops to attack the United States’ economic hegemony through our weakness of debt and fiscal irresponsibility. We have dug this fiscal and monetary hole, and we are still digging.

Perhaps it would require another economic calamity like the Great Depression to refresh our memories about the consequences of this type of behavior, which may help to spawn a new group of American leaders to put us back on the path of freedom and economic prosperity. Until then, all bets are off.


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REVEALED: Barack Obama ARMED The Islamic Caliphate!


Contains brief strong language.

The secret CIA Annex five minutes away from the Benghazi consulate—both attacked on September 11, 2012—was being used as an illegal weapons hub for the al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels. Worse, we now know that most of the Syrian al-Qaeda rebels that Obama has been supplying weapons to have now joined the newly-formed Islamic Caliphate reaching from Iraq to Syria—that has vowed to annihilate Israel!


And this illegal gunrunning operation to al-Qaeda is just the tip of the iceberg.

Obama has been supplying weapons to jihadists—WORLDWIDE

This exclusive video reveals all the shocking details of Obama’s treasonous presidency and calls for what Sarah Palin today demanded: IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

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This Image Completely Shuts Down The Left’s Argument In The Hobby Lobby Case

bc pill hob lob

Critics have been bashing Hobby Lobby ever since the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on the company’s case made headlines last Monday. They say it is a matter of women’s rights and are outraged at the store’s refusal to supply its employees with birth control.

In reality, the rage of the opposition is entirely unfounded. This simple image, along with the short video clip above, will help to clarify any confusion:

HobbyLobbyNEW-01-1260x650Photo and Video Credit: The Daily Signal

Although the mainstream media have painted an unsightly picture of Hobby Lobby as an intolerant enterprise denying contraceptives for its staffers, these claims are simply incorrect.

As Hobby Lobby President Steve Green explained:

“The very first freedom was religious freedom, and that is really what’s at stake here… We do not have a problem with contraceptives… There are 20 that are required [under Obamacare] and 16 of them we provide. So that is not the problem. But there are four that can terminate life. And those are the four that we cannot provide.”

Hobby Lobby never intended to stop supplying birth control, nor was that the outcome of the Court’s ruling. They simply sought for the right to refuse to provide, as IJReview puts it, “drugs that terminate a pregnancy after the egg has been fertilized – emergency contraceptives such as Plan B.”

So yes, Hobby Lobby does provide birth control to its employees. The ruling has not changed this fact.

Shout out to all critics out there: you can stop worrying now.

Via IJReview:

“But then again,” says a recent IJReview article, “It’s a whole lot easier to wage a ‘war on women’ when you say a company refused to pay for birth control…”

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